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Designed for Document Controllers, by Document Controllers –

Manage the distribution of controlled documents in a project environment effectively and efficiently.

Ensure that the RIGHT people have the RIGHT revisions of documents at the RIGHT time

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QDMS provides the ability to track the receipt and transmittal of revision controlled documents to ensure that all parties have the right revision of the right document at the right time.  It is a very ‘light’ system in terms of installation and use, and follows the logical flow of receipt and issue of documentation to and from recipients.

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QDMS is driven by the master document register (MDR)

which is updated with the latest revision and status changes as documents
are received and issued from the system – typically by the document controller. The MDR keeps a complete record of the revisions and status changes that the document has gone through, as well as who it was received from, dates, and who it was issued to.
It also provides the capability to inform you if you need to send a newer revision of a document to an individual if the document has been revised in the system.  It provides many inquiry screens and standard reports for example a recipient document register and listing of the document history, just to name a few.

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The MDR can also provide a central place for individuals to access the drawings or documents, and view (and redline / comment) on the documents on the server via the client installation.

This is controlled with access rights as well as the types of licenses issued – concurrent or read only licenses will provide individuals with the capability to either update information or to only access the information and documents.

The system is not a ‘vault’ system, and does not control the checking in and out of documents.  QDMS is configurable by project, and each project is created with its own database.  Each project is also configurable either globally by creating it from a template, or you can configure the revisions, status codes, address books and document numbering structure on a project by project basis.

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