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Project Financial Control

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides as part of the core licensing model, the essential financial and project cost control modules. Each transaction line is allocated to a general ledger account, cost center, project and WBS item, providing the framework to enable financial and project related reporting from the same source of information.

You only have one version of the truth, eliminating the seemingly endless discussions about who has the correct figures – the financial or projects departments.

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The financial series modules described here are designed to meet the majority of a business’ financial management needs,  no matter how much the business grows or changes.


The Financial Series modules integrate with all of the other Dynamics SL applications and can be customized for specific needs.  All financial modules allow for multi currency processing.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module is highly flexible, and allows you to set up the Chart of accounts and sub-accounts (cost centers) according to the way that your business operates.


The system is modular, thus sub-modules update the general ledger for reporting and consolidation of financial accounts.

  • Easily print an income statement and balance sheet by cost center or for the company.
  • Enter annual or period based company budgets at the level that managers are held accountable for their respective budgets, and control budget vs. actual with current budget or forecast budgeting ledgers.
  • Analyze financial accounts by project.
  • Drill down instantly from a balance to supporting source documents for detailed account information.

Accounts Payable

Effectively manage your creditors with the Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounts Payable module.


Invoices can be entered and controlled at a project level by entering the project number during processing. Invoices are also linked to the purchase order or subcontract, allowing you to effectively manage commitments & actuals at a project-, supplier-, and company level.

  • Split your control in the general ledger between local, foreign and internal creditors.
  • Easily scan and attach your invoices to system
  • Vendor classification defaults minimize data entry errors.
  • Pay when paid provides the ability to control that you only pay a vendor invoice once you have received payment from a customer for the item invoiced.
  • Capitalize on vendor discount dates to reduce payable liabilities.
  • Easily select “the right” vouchers for payment by date, vendor, number, or a custom query to control your cash outlay.
  • Drill down instantly from summary balances to  source document for detailed information.

Accounts Recieveable

The Dynamics SL Accounts Receivable module provides the detailed information and reporting needed to actively manage your customer accounts and identify problems before they occur.


The active management aspect of Accounts Receivable allows you to monitor receivables and take necessary action that will ultimately enhance your cash flow and bottom line.

  • Age receivables & generate statements on a consistent basis to ensure that your customers get up-to-date information about their accounts.
  • Print invoices or memos instantly using electronic delivery.
  • Manage credit limits and receive alerts when credit limits are exceeded.
  • Review customer details and drill down to transaction detail.

Cash Manager

Gain instant access to your current cash balance.


The Microsoft Dynamics SL Cash Manager module is updated automatically
by batches generated in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, to provide a central module for performing bank reconciliations, and reviewing cash flow forecasts.

  • Set up defaults to eliminate data entry errors.
  • Extract a complete audit trail for any cash management transaction.
  • Review daily cash balances with drill down to source transaction detail.

Currency Manager

 All financial modules allow for multi-currency processing.


  • All financial reports display multi-currency detail for transactions entered.
  • Unlimited number of combinations of currencies and rates can be entered in the system.This allows you to maintain historical rates and use an average rate for planning and forecasting.
  • Use Dynamics SL currency manager to automatically revalue denominated GL accounts at month end, & automatically create unrealized gain and loss analysis for open Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable documents.
  • Automatically create realized gains and losses as payments and deposits are applied to invoices with different exchange rates.

Multi Company

The Dynamics SL Multi-Company module allows you to report on, monitor, and analyze multiple companies or functional divisions within your organization, without the worry and hassle that typically accompany such tasks.


Setting up multiple companies in one or more databases, running processes, closing books, and reporting results by company or in a consolidated company are just a few of the things you can do with Multi-Company.

  • Inter-company processing
  • Shared setup of vendor, customer and currency information between companies with the same base currency and fiscal setup.