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Project Cost Control

Improve your project profitability by providing project managers with the accurate, meaningful information needed to gain control over project revenue and expense — enough control to make even low-margin projects profitable.


Project managers say that easy access to information is critical for analyzing project performance and profitability.


Line managers and project accountants need the same information – for multiple projects at a time.  The Dynamics SL ® Analyzer module is designed to provide these levels of information, along with the necessary tools to quickly collect, summarize, and present project data in an intuitive and comprehensive format.

Project Budgeting

Project budgets can be entered, approved & maintained with a full audit trail of revision changes. Revisions to budgets and forecasts can be linked to internal & client variation orders.


By tracking your budgeting process throughout the life of your project, you can view the impact of budget changes on profitability and manage the information you need to make your project successful and improve the accuracy of future estimates

  • Enter and analyze project actuals compared to any one of the 3 budgets that can be maintained in the system– Original, Revised and Forecast.
  • Full revision control of budgeting changes.
  • Measure the accuracy of budget vs. actual information to fine tune future bids.

Project Allocator

Automate transactions such as WIP and Billing calculations by using Project Allocator.


Add project specific rules to calculate billings in EPCM, LSTK and any other type of project

Time and Expense – including Web based timecard entry and approval

View and track labor and other expenses with a fully integrated solution that allows you to include labor costs in project profitability calculations.


Employees can record labor, travel, and related expenses anytime, anywhere via the internet or mobile devices.

  • Utilize historical transaction data to increase accuracy for future tender estimates.
  • Define, by project, which resources can book time and expenses on a project, either at project, WBS or scheduled task level.
  • Timecards and expense claims are approved at 3 levels – by project manager, functional manager and final approval to update financial and project balances.
  • All project and WBS / Task information is fully validated as timecards are processed.

Contract Management

Effectively manage subcontract agreements


Create and track agreements from the pending stage through commitment, then manage subcontractor performance by linking payments to the achievement of contractual commitments (including on-time vendor document submission).

  • Gain visibility of commitments vs. invoiced on a project,subcontract & line item level.
  • Full audit trail and control of subcontract modifications and change orders.
  • Receive pro-active alerts for bonds and guarantees and other contract documentation to be received to reduce the risk of missing or delayed submission of documentation.
  • Set up payment controls for subcontractors based on the receipt of documentation, expiry of bonds, guarantees, policies, etc.
  • Set up “Pay When Paid” control where required.
  • Integration with Accounts Payable means direct visibility and tracing of actual to the original order information.

Flexible Billings

Shorten billing cycles and improve cash flow by taking control of unbilled receivables and converting them more quickly to revenues.


Streamline invoicing with automatic generation, formatting, and submission of drafts for approval; then easily note needed corrections, finalize invoices, and post receivables.

  • Define an unlimited number of invoicing rules and invoice formats for different invoicing requirements by project.
  • Incorporate your contractual invoicing requirements into the system, to automatically calculate unbilled revenue.
  • Print in process / draft invoices for review before finalizing.
  • Generate invoices on a preset schedule or on demand based on time and material, fixed price, lump sum, percent complete, cost plus, cost plus fixed fee, or retainer methods.
  • Ensure invoice accuracy with quick online preview, annotation, and rejection or approval.

Employee Utilization

Track personnel availability, billable time, revenues, and the realization of established utilization goals.


View timecard line-item detail, or speed up analysis by customizing and summarizing data in a variety of groupings and time periods.

  • Set goals for billable time, and then track hours and revenues against those goals by employee, project, department, or other employee grouping.
  • Create multiple utilization types, and summarize data by any time period and employee grouping you like for convenient analysis.
  • Gain insight into resource-generated revenue tracked against original goals.


Automated alerts keep you informed of pending deadlines, required approvals, escalating costs, and eroding margins – making it easy to intervene so that projects and profits stay on track.


  •  Receive notice of budgets, invoices, timecards or expense reports awaiting review so they can be processed immediately.