Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics® SL is a business management solution specialized to help project driven mid-sized organizations obtain reports and business analysis, while helping increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. With the powerful solution of Microsoft Dynamics SL for professional services, operations, field services and construction management, you can be confident that projects are estimated correctly, completed on time, and meet your customers’ requirements.

Achieve more — with a solution designed to work the way you do.
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Drive Projects That Meet Customer Requirements with a Solution Built to Work the Way You Do

Microsoft Project Management software helps you gain confidence that what you do every day to manage your projects will drive financial performance and meet customer requirements.

One Truth - Better Decisions - Effective Action

Everyone in the company, from project team member to CEO has access to role relevant information from the same source. No more time wasted arguing and investigating who has the correct information (not even between the project managers and financial accountants!). Spend more time to pro-actively make decisions and take action that can change the project outcome rather than just explain the project outcome.

Manage Any Type of Project ... Efficiently

EPCM - Manage client scope as well as own scope in one project, whilst maintaining integrity of own financials.

EPCM and LSTK combined in one project? No problem. Manage all contract forms in one project, and still automate the billing.

Run client budget vs actual reports by client project breakdown structure for the full project, and company reports with own project breakdown structure that matches company’s own financials from the same project

Improved Profitability - Control Resource Costs & Billing

Easily control man hours & costs billed on projects against budget on any type of contract, and according to any calculation method.

A Full Audit trail from timesheets through to billing ensures company and client confidence, and allows full substantiation of hours billed at any level of detail. Automated alerts provide proactive warnings when hours or amounts deviate from predefined targets facilitating prevention of overspends and under billings.

Boost productivity by using, for example, reliable utilization, efficiency and earned value information to effectively manage resources at department and project levels.

Flexible Implementation - YOU are the client

Implement a fully integrated project and financial ERP solution where data is entered once and available to all, OR implement your solution modularly starting with timesheets or project cost control only, and grow into a fully integrated solution with all the benefits.

However you do it, you will benefit from the rich functionality and flexibility made possible by using the right software and a solution partner that understands your business.

YOU are the client, and your requirements drive the solution.

Manage Scope and Scope Creep

Create project breakdown structures, projects budgets and BOQ at levels that suit the requirments of individual projects.

Separately maintain the control changes, with full audit trail, to:

  • the original scope and budget,
  • the current approved scope and budget, and
  • the estimate at complete forecasts.

    Control all commitments, actual costs and billings at any level against the original, current and EAC budget & forecasts.

Analyse and Report With Confidence - Using Trusted Data

All the transactions, from project budgeting & procurement to vendor payments & client billings, originate and is recorded in the system and is subject to financial accounting and control.

Analyse and report, with confidence - from one source - in and across projects, companies, clients, suppliers or any other dimension using the standard built-in SQL Queries, Project Analyzer, Crystal Reports and SQL Report Writer or simple Excel spreadsheets, Excel Power BI or other BI tools available.

Correct coding structures is a pre-requisite for meaningful and cost effective reporting and analyses. Profound’s experience and focus on engineering contracting and other project based companies adds real value to the client’s decisions on coding structures.

Gain Greater Control of Your Project Based Business with Microsoft Dynamics SL

If your work involves the managing or execution of engineering, draughting, procurement, construction or manufacturing for projects, then Dynamics SL has been designed for you.

Different from any other software solutions, Dynamics SL was developed specifically for companies that do work on a project basis, providing comprehensive project management functionality and robust accounting & project inventory control capabilities.

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